Our company is covered by UNIPOL SAI RC (Professional Liability) insurance during the activities carried out by our staff. The RC policy covers and protects the parties in the event of damage caused by guilty conduct of the guides. Accidents or damages that occurred independently to participants in the normal course of the excursion are therefore excluded from coverage; services and activities carried out by third parties and not directly by our staff are excluded from coverage. Any damage caused by customers for actions different from this regulation and for failure to comply with the instructions of the guides are also excluded from coverage.

Rules of conduct and informed consent

The participants in the activities must respect the indications provided by the respective companions during the excursions and never leave the group without authorization. When joining the activities we propose, knowledge of the information explained on the site is assumed, including the level of difficulty of the excursion and recommended equipment. Anyone with special needs or physical pathologies of any nature is required to notify the guide before the start of the tour. The company will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from failure to comply with these elementary common sense rules. Participants take note and declare that they are aware that despite the guides carefully organize all aspects to ensure safe excursions, the proposed recreational activities take place in natural areas and types of environments which, by their nature, present risks that they cannot be completely eliminated (eg uneven and unstable volcanic soil, fall of lava ash and pyroclastic material, etc …).

Changes by the organization

The guide may decide, if adverse weather conditions, volcanic hazards and for any other reasonable reason exist, to vary or completely cancel the agreed excursion or tours.

Withdrawal and refunds

In case of bad weather or for reasons of force majeure that do not make it possible to carry out the booked activities, the total refund of the fee is made.

Sensitive data processing and photographic material

Participants authorize the processing of personal data sent on the basis of art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 GDPR 679/16. The acquired data will however be processed exclusively by Gruppo Guide Etna Nord for the purpose of carrying out the excursions and will NOT be transferred to third parties for commercial purposes. Finally, consent is given to the publication of photographic material acquired during the activities on the social channels for promotional purposes of Gruppo Guide Etna Nord.

Obligations of the participants

Participants are required to:

  • respect the departure time and the established schedule, adapting to any changes made by the guide;
  • present yourself with a psychophysical condition, clothing and equipment suitable for the excursion. If in doubt, talk to the guide before the day of the excursion;
  • maintain disciplined behavior during the initiative, respecting people and private property and following the instructions given by the guide;
  • follow the established path without leaving or leaving the group and without passing the guide;
  • collaborate with the guide for the success of the initiative, as well as being in solidarity with its decisions, especially in the event that difficulties arise (environmental conditions and / or participants) and inform it of any problems that may arise during the carrying out scheduled activities, in particular with regard to one’s own psychophysical conditions and equipment;
  • do not collect protected flowers, plants or herbs and in any case respect the instructions given by the guide;
  • keep your waste up to the appropriate bins.

Each participant is personally responsible for any risky behavior for himself and for others, in particular if he takes personal initiatives despite the contrary opinion of the guide.

Declaration of suitability

By accepting these regulations, the Participant declares under his own responsibility to be in good health and in a psycho-physical condition suitable for the excursion practice. He also declares to have provided the guide with any information useful for the correct assessment of his suitability.

Mandatory equipment

Layered clothing, long hiking pants (possibly light colored), hiking boots in good condition up to the ankle, waterproof jacket and / or rain cape, headgear, sunglasses, sunscreen, comfortable and good backpack conditions, packed lunch and personal water supply of at least 1.5 liters.

The use of trekking poles is recommended. The use of cotton clothing in contact with the body is not recommended: if possible wear woolen clothes or technical hiking clothes.

Inadequately equipped hikers could, at the discretion of the guide, be excluded from the excursion directly on the place of departure.

Photographs and video footage

During the excursion, photographic shots and / or video footage will be taken which may appear on the Gruppo Guide Etna Nord website and which will be used by the organization for promotional purposes concerning the activity itself. Participation in the excursion implies the authorization to publish the aforementioned material.

Acceptance of the regulation

Participation in our excursions implies unconditional acceptance of these regulations.